Brandon Hall

Front End Architect

// About Me

Creator of exceptional front end experiences.

Proven leader and manager with a diverse background and several years of experience.

I always put users first, take immense pride in my work, and enjoy solving hard problems.

// Experience


May 2016 - Present

Software Engineer

Using React to build data-driven user interfaces. We present complex data in easy to understand interfaces which provide delightful interactions for our users. I've contributed to several projects across the product, but some of the highlights are below:

  • Worked with other engineers to rebuild our People Funnel Report which allows users to visualize customer paths
  • Built our Activity Report which allows users to deeply segment their customer base
  • Led work on our email editor which is a rich, drag-and-drop editor built on top of DraftJS
  • Added numerous charts and graphs to various features using recharts (as opposed to D3) because it was the right tool for the job

Architected several pieces of our product and established more efficient coding patterns and practices.

Created dozens of React components (stateless and stateful). Created several in-house React HOCs (higher order components) for use across the app.

Created a data bridge between our legacy and modern front end. Helped standardize our use of component CSS using SASS and ES2015 modules. Helped convert legacy React components into ES2015 components.


May 2013 - May 2016

Front End Architect

Responsible for the front end HTML, CSS and JavaScript for the EveryoneSocial web apps.

Completely reworked front end for user and admin apps using Bootstrap, Backbone.js and jQuery. More advanced tasks include data visualization, file upload, infinite scrolling and responsive design.

Wrote and deployed EveryoneSocial Chrome Extension. Wrote mobile apps for Android & iOS using PhoneGap

Developed 80% of the public/sales site which runs on HubSpot.


January 2012 - April 2013

Software Developer

Worked on multiple projects for Clipboard's 140,000 users. Created the HTML5 Mobile Web app in Backbone.js and jQuery.

Collaborated with other team members to build the Facebook Open Graph application. Built the Find Friends functionality, which connects to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail and Yahoo Mail. Worked on the file upload feature for multiple queued uploads.

TriForce Marketing

2009 - 2012

Technical Team Lead

Lead software and website development projects across our company. Worked with contractors to complete projects in a timely manner with exceptional results. Designed and implemented sales funnels and created marketing systems.

Ran development for popular software products including CurationSoft and REI Engine. Oversaw complete redesign of Blog Success that turned it from a simple membership site to a complete community with social features and a more robust CMS.

Helped grow our company to over $1 million in revenue.

TriForce Marketing

2006 - 2008

Affiliate Manager

Responsible for forming relationships with list owners, training new affiliates and general technical management of our affiliate program.

Helped grow the affiliate base by 200%, created more assets for affiliates and raised our affiliate engagement by 50%.

// Recommendations

Cameron Brain

CEO @ EveryoneSocial

“Brandon worked with our team for a bit over three years first as a contractor, later transitioning to full time. In short, Brandon is both a strong developer and a fantastic team member, especially for distributed organizations like ours. His productivity, self-direction, communication, professionalism, and downright great attitude continue to serve as a model for us and our future hires. Any org (especially a startup) would be fortunate to have him as a member of their team.”

Gary Flake

CTO of Search @ Salesforce

“Brandon has been a fantastic remote extension to our team. He built several of our social media / email connectors with very little interaction from us. He then became familiar with our code base and integrated the new solution. We were so happy with the results, that we retained him to build our HTML5 mobile site. He did every aspect of it, including some design work, and we were very pleased with the results. He is easy to work with, has a great work ethic, and is someone with whom I would be delighted to work with again.”

Mike Madlang

VP Product Management @ EveryoneSocial

“From our 1st ever enterprise client, to our 50th, Brandon was a critical component to our company's success. Entirely managing our front-end, he helped lead the way to what became the most intuitive platform in our market. Brandon displayed an unmatched level of fortitude and endurance, and our platform still benefits from his hard work.”

Mark Dawson

Lead Member of Technical Staff @ Saleforce

“I worked with Brandon at where he implemented a number of features, from a backend node.js based social authentication and publishing feature, to a front end HTML5 mobile site, based on backbone.js and bootstrap. Brandon's work was always of a high quality, time and time again he would impress me with his ability to work remotely on a feature with limited guidance and also simultaneously keep in sync with other feature work and refactoring that was affecting his work.

As well as having strong technical abilities, Brandon also showed a really good eye for design, with the mobile site being a good example of his attention to design detail. I would highly recommend Brandon to anyone in need of a solid developer.”

Gerry Kaplan

Founder/CEO @ ImpairMaster

“I hired Brandon as a user interface engineer specializing in browser technologies including JavaScript, Backbone.js, Require.js, along with numerous other supporting libraries. Brandon exhibited expert characteristics by completing assignments on-time and within budget.

In addition, and possibly most importantly, Brandon has a technical aptitude that enables him to self-learn new technologies quickly (and eagerly). He is very easy to work with and very honest. Overall, working with Brandon was a very positive experience and I would hire him again without hesitation.”

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// Open Source


Small wrapper for the Web Storage API which provides safe access to localStorage and sessionStorage.

// Life Specs

// Key Skills


Able to inspire fellow team members to perform better by understanding their motivations and helping them be the best they can. I always communicate the vision so fellow team members understand the "why" of any project.


Comfortable working and communicating with diverse groups of people from all over the world. I'm able to relate to and form relationships with individuals throughout an organization.


I've managed large-scale software and web development projects through numerous versions over a span of several years. From budgeting to hiring and hands-on management I thrive in these situations.


Worked remotely with no in-house supervision for several years. Proven self-motivator that understands the importance of having work freedom while producing exceptional results.

// Education

Pellissippi State, Management

1998 - 2000

Completed courses in information technology, computer science and management as well as core classes.

// Things I Love

  Open Source Contributors

  Google Apps



  JetBrains Software


  My Macbook

// Interests


  Unique Food



  Stand-Up Comedy